Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017

This is the year to be bold and beautiful. New trends have appeared in makeup for 2017, and we could not be more excited about them! Combining the past and the future, this year pulls the best designs and color schemes together and gives options that flatter everyone.

Do you want your personal style to align with the latest makeup trends? Look no further! Here are the Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017:

Lip Gloss
Move over mattes! 2017 is bringing back glossy lips, and we couldn’t be more excited. You can count on your favorite brands launching lines of glossy hues this year if they aren’t already doing so! Not to worry — that perfect matte shade that took you 4 months to track down isn’t out of style– it’s just not your only option anymore.

Thick Brows
Brows have been on trend for a while now, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. While general waxing & upkeep is still encouraged to keep shape, 2017 is encouraging you to grow them out! Add a simple fill with a pencil to cover any thin patches, and voila! Instant brow perfection with minimal effort.

Yes. Yes! YES! Bring back the frosty eyes and shiny lips. The 90s are BACK, and they are just as bold. When applying eyeshadow, try a light metallic near your lashes, and a dark color in the crease for a sparkly, dramatic look that’s sure to turn heads.

From the monochromatic look to a color splash– 2017 is the year of color! While eyeshadow and lip color tend to come in more adventurous colors no matter the trend, you can now find liners, and even mascara, in your favorite shades of green, blue, and maroon.

Long Lashes
We’re all about growing them naturally, but who has time to wait? Temporary lashes are all the craze in 2017. It’s amazing how drastically lashes can transform your entire look! Consult with a Zano Salon & Spa specialist to find your perfect length and fullness.



Facials. Do you need one? Is it worth it? Is the hype true?

The answer to all of the above is YES. Facials are not an unnecessary luxury. They are a vital key to any well-planned beauty regimen. Listed below are the top 6 reasons to get a facial today.

Clearer Pores

A professional esthetician can clear your pores in ways that you simply cannot achieve at home. While daily washing and at-home routines are encouraged, professional attention is needed to achieve optimal skin.



We’ve all tried popping them even though we know we shouldn’t. Visiting an esthetician will not only allow the blemishes to be properly extracted to avoid scarring and dark spots, but will also reduce the chance of new blemishes appearing. Proper extraction means achieving blemish-free skin more quickly and safely.


Risky At-Home Peels

There are some things that you should not try yourself– like fresh bangs the night before school pictures. While there are many brands that sell DIY peels-in-a-box, there is nothing like the professional results you will see from visiting an esthetician. In addition, it’s much safer than assuming your skin will accept whatever you bought off the shelf.


Skin Analysis

You may think you are using the correct products for your skin, but are you? Leave it to the pros to analyze your skin & skincare routine. At that point, they can get you set up with a regimen that will allow for your clearest, healthiest skin. (Insider’s tip: an analysis is always included in an appointment so you won’t have to pay extra for the insider info.)


Glowing Skin

It is not a myth that you can have radiant skin. Facials promote better circulation and growth of new skin cells that will actually give your skin the perfect glow. According to the research of Ushma S. Neill, estheticians recommend quarterly facials to preserve youthful skin for women over the age of 25.


Rest and Relaxation

Getting a facial is like taking a mini-vacation from reality. The calm room, lovely scents, and dim lighting are the perfect recipe for relaxation, and honestly, who doesn’t need a little stress relief once in a while?

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The dry, cold air of winter can be a tough time for your skin, and a facial can be a great defense against the wintry air.

Adding facials to your skin routine is good any time of year, but it can be the saving grace during the winter months, when your skin can get dry or dull.

You will want to avoid facials that scrub or exfoliate, and instead focus on moisturizing and revitalizing. After a facial, your skin will be able to withstand the winter air a bit better, and you’ll be happier for it.

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According to the Cosmetics Cop, Paula Begoun, there are several benefits to getting a facial. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed by a professional esthetician, and severely dehydrated skin can be improved by rich, nourishing face masks.

Some great tips to keep your skin looking great all winter long include:

  • Sunscreen. Even though we never think the sun can damage our skin in the winter time, that’s not true. UV rays can still damage your skin, even in the winter, so slather on that sunscreen!
  • Look for products with aloe vera, avocado, buttermilk or banana. These ingredients will really help to moisturize your skin.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Consider investing in a “heavy-duty” nighttime moisturizer for the winter, so that your skin can really soak in what it needs.
  • Find a good toner. Toner is especially great in the winter, and it will close up any pores that would otherwise be exposed to the cold air. Try to avoid toners with alcohol in them, as they will dry your skin out even more.

At Zano Salons, your facial appointment will give you the pampering you deserve. Soothing music, heated beds and personal consultations are all provided for you.

Facials can actually change the texture of your skin, and make it appear brighter, smoother and tighter. During the winter, many of us need exactly that.

Protect Your Skin. Stop In For A Facial Today.


Fall Hair Colors

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that gets switched up for the fall – give your hair a little TLC, too.

Wondering what color you should go with? We’re glad you asked.

Here are the fall hair colors we recommend:

Brown with Warm Accents

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: You Beauty

Selena Gomez does a great job of pairing her dark brown locks with auburn accents. A style like this still gives you the option to subtly lighten up dark hair while having to go blonde. If you’d like to go a little lighter, adding in a few golden-blonde highlights to this look or turning this dark brown into chestnut brown will still give you great looks for the season.

Platinum Blonde to Beige

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: My Hair Colors

Whether blondes actually have more fun ..we’ll never really know. However, you don’t have to kiss your summer-fun, platinum blonde hair away now that it’s fall with this color. Soo Joo Park warms up for the fall by adding golden hues to her ‘do.

Rose Gold with Accents

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: All Womens Talk

…we just couldn’t resist. This color is a girly girl’s dream and it’s a perfect way to doll up for the fall. We love the mix of medium brown tones, platinum highlights, and touches of pink throughout this look.


Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: Blog Lovin’

..iIt’s kinda brown ..it’s kinda blonde. If you’ve always been on the fence about going completely blonde or brown, now you can choose both. Elizabeth Olsen’s tresses smoothly transition from a medium brown to irresistible golden tones that are perfectly tasteful for the fall.


Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: Stylecaster

We loved watching all of Emma Stone’s red hair transitions over the years, but this is hands-down our favorite. This tone of coppery-red has just the right hint of blonde to welcome in the fall season.

Whatever direction you choose for your hair color, we’ve got a talented group of colorists waiting to make your fall hair dreams come true.

And lucky for you, we’re currently offering $10 to $20 off can be yours with new hair services.


Dear Bride-to-Be,

This ceremonious day should be filled with love, celebration, and of course, beauty. And we believe beauty doesn’t have to come at the expense of your sanity.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Fall is just about a month away, and what better way to prepare for the new season than with the latest nail colors.

On August 5, OPI announced to the social media world that the Scandal-inspired fall/winter collection, Washington DC, was released. The star of the television series, Kerry Washington, is this season’s creative ambassador, and OPI has come up with a total of 15 shades that represent her TV character well.


Delivering exceptional education and providing sustainable beauty careers has been the mission of Pivot Point International, Inc., Chicago, throughout its 53-year history. To prioritize focus on developing innovative educational content and delivery, Pivot Point announces a partnership agreement with Denise Provenzano of Zano Salons, a successful business owner with four salons and spas in the Chicagoland area.

In making the announcement, Robert Passage, Chairman and CEO of Pivot Point International, said, “This alliance will allow Pivot Point to continue using our Bloomingdale location as a research and development incubator. It will give us the opportunity to follow a student’s trajectory from the school to the salon and help close the loop in the life-cycle of the student.”

Provenzano, a well-known leader in the salon industry with more than 25 years of salon experience, currently serves as president of Cosmetologists Chicago, one of the largest associations of salon professionals in the world.

Provenzano added, “I am personally and professionally thrilled to partner with Pivot Point and the Passage family in developing the most exciting cosmetology school in the industry. Expanding Zano into the educational arena has long been a dream of mine. With Pivot Point-educated salon professionals, I know that Zano and other salons in my area will get the best trained cosmetologists in the industry.”