5 Fall Hair Colors of Your Dreams

5 Fall Hair Colors of Your Dreams

Fall Hair Colors

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that gets switched up for the fall – give your hair a little TLC, too.

Wondering what color you should go with? We’re glad you asked.

Here are the fall hair colors we recommend:

Brown with Warm Accents

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: You Beauty

Selena Gomez does a great job of pairing her dark brown locks with auburn accents. A style like this still gives you the option to subtly lighten up dark hair while having to go blonde. If you’d like to go a little lighter, adding in a few golden-blonde highlights to this look or turning this dark brown into chestnut brown will still give you great looks for the season.

Platinum Blonde to Beige

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: My Hair Colors

Whether blondes actually have more fun ..we’ll never really know. However, you don’t have to kiss your summer-fun, platinum blonde hair away now that it’s fall with this color. Soo Joo Park warms up for the fall by adding golden hues to her ‘do.

Rose Gold with Accents

Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: All Womens Talk

…we just couldn’t resist. This color is a girly girl’s dream and it’s a perfect way to doll up for the fall. We love the mix of medium brown tones, platinum highlights, and touches of pink throughout this look.


Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: Blog Lovin’

..iIt’s kinda brown ..it’s kinda blonde. If you’ve always been on the fence about going completely blonde or brown, now you can choose both. Elizabeth Olsen’s tresses smoothly transition from a medium brown to irresistible golden tones that are perfectly tasteful for the fall.


Fall Hair Colors

Photo Credit: Stylecaster

We loved watching all of Emma Stone’s red hair transitions over the years, but this is hands-down our favorite. This tone of coppery-red has just the right hint of blonde to welcome in the fall season.

Whatever direction you choose for your hair color, we’ve got a talented group of colorists waiting to make your fall hair dreams come true.

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