Get Ready for Fall with OPI’s Washington DC Collection

Get Ready for Fall with OPI’s Washington DC Collection

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Fall is just about a month away, and what better way to prepare for the new season than with the latest nail colors.

On August 5, OPI announced to the social media world that the Scandal-inspired fall/winter collection, Washington DC, was released. The star of the television series, Kerry Washington, is this season’s creative ambassador, and OPI has come up with a total of 15 shades that represent her TV character well.

OPI’s Washington DC collection has fun, presidential-themed names like “Madam President” and “Freedom of Peach.” It also features rich colors including nudes like “Pale to the Chief” and bolds like “Never a Dulles Moment.”

The best part – these colors are all also available in gel polish.

**Note: All color descriptions are based on what they look like on nails.

Here’s the rundown on the collection:

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Pale to the Chief

OPI’s Slogan: “So nearly nude, it’s almost scandalous.

On fair skin, from a distance, this color is a true nude. Up close, it is a neutral shade with a pearly tones. It also has a beautiful shimmer sheen that gives it the perfect finishing touch.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Yank My Doodle

OPI’s Slogan: “Get a tawny copper mani and call it macaroni.

It’s the perfect fall tone with just the right mesh of red, brown, and orange tones. This color finishes not super shiny, but definitely not matte.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Freedom of Peach

OPI’s Slogan: “Wearing this creamy peach is your fashion right.”

Ready for Halloween? This is definitely not the neon orange that you’d see on a trick-or-treat basket, but it’s a fun, peachy yet pumpkin shade that can look lighter in the sun.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Squeaker of the House

OPI’s Slogan: “A chocolate brown so yummy, it crosses party lines.

Yummy is the perfect way to describe this color. So yummy, it reminds us of a delicious milk chocolate truffle. This is a great neutral color for fall.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Shh…It’s Top Secret

OPI’s Slogan: “A deep, deep brown so dark, it’s incognito.”

This super rich polish is the darkest color in the collection. It’s the perfect shade for those that want to experiment with dark shades, but not quite ready to go all the way black.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Madam President

OPI’s Slogan: “A commanding red with real Oval Office power.

Despite the “commanding red” wording within the slogan, this is much more of a dark pink. Regardless, it’s highly saturated, goes on with ease, and is a great statement color.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

OPI by Popular Vote

OPI’s Slogan: “It’s a landslide victory! This cool apple red is a real winner.

This “cool apple red” is more of a luscious berry color. Yet, it still gives just the right amount of vibrance for to lighten up the fall.

Make sure your nails are ready for the fall.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

We The Female

OPI’s Slogan: “You’re hereby authorized to wear this empowering garnet.”

Perfect for both fall and winter, this deep red is the perfect color to go with everything. It also goes on super smooth.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Kerry Blossom

OPI’s Slogan: “Accomplished stateswomen love this plum with capital flair.

This purpley-plum shade is as deep purple as it gets. A top coat will give it some extra shine. And of course, this shade plays off of Kerry Washington’s name and TV character.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

“Liv” in the Gray

OPI’s Slogan: “This edgy, sophisticated dark gray makes a strong federal case.”

This green-gray is a beautiful shade for fall. The shineless finish gives it the perfect edge, too.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Inside the ISABELLEway

OPI’s Slogan: “Washington’s movers-and-shakers vie for the caramel créme.

This smooth, caramel tone is the sure way to get in you in mood for fall. And the formula makes for a smooth application as well.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

CIA = Color is Awesome

OPI’s Slogan: “A smart, dusky blue for secret agent fashionistas.

This polish’s cool tones are the perfect complement to cool, fall evenings. Pair this with a black leather jacket and you’re all set!

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Stay off the Lawn!!

OPI’s Slogan: “Don’t trespass on this deep, lush green.

This beautiful, forest green color has fall written all over it. Finish it with a top coat and you’re good to go.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

The First Lady of Nails

OPI’s Slogan: “Command the political scene in this chic olive green.

This olive green will go perfect with any camouflage-printed apparel or accessories you have. Make sure you top it with a second coat to get its full color.

OPI's Washington DC Collection

Never a Dulles Moment

OPI’s Slogan: “A curry yellow seen on airports and fashion week runways.

This is the strongest statement color in the entire collection. This polish is sure to brighten up the season, even on a cloudy day.

What do you think of this new collection? Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo credit: OPI

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