How to Choose the Right Hair Products for Thick & Thin Hair

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Volumizing? Moisturizing? Heat-resistant? Choosing hair styling products can be tough. With the amount of products and styling tools available, figuring out which products to use for your hair type can be downright confusing.

Zano Salons offers haircuts and hairstyling services to give you the look you’re seeking. Whether you have thin or thick hair, we’re here to show you the tools and hair products you need to bring out the best in your locks:


Recommended Hair Products for Thin Hair

Volume Enhancing Hair Products

If you have thin hair, what you’re in most need of is volume. Look for hair products such as shampoo and conditioner that offer volumizing properties. These products will help add body to your hair as you style.

Give Your Hair a Boost & Volume with Mousse

Mousse is a thin-haired girls best friend. Although mousse used to dry out hair, formulas today are made to moisturize. Look for volume enhancing types to help give your hair a boost. Just be sure to use a small amount, and run through your hair to avoid getting that helmet head look often found with overuse. If you need assistance finding a new hairstyle, visit a Zano Salons location in Naperville, Lisle, or Batavia, Illinois. We offer haircuts and hairstyling services to meet your preferences.

Enhance the Body of Your Hair with Velcro Rollers

After you’re done blow drying, don’t reach for the curling iron, reach for velcro rollers instead. Section off pieces of hair and curl them up in velcro rollers to add extra lift to your roots. Hit the rollers with a blast of cool air from your blow dryer to set, and viola: instant lift.

Finish Styling with a Dry Shampoo Hair Product

Still using hairspray to set your look? To enhance your hairstyle, we recommend a dry shampoo hair product. Instead of stiffening your hair, dry shampoo will absorb into your hair, offering a better hold and extended volume. Bonus tip: Don’t brush your hair after applying dry shampoo. Let the hair product work its way into your hair on its own, increasing hold and decreasing fizz.

Recommended Hair Products for Thick Hair

Moisturizing Hair Products

Thick hair has a tendency to dry out. When looking for hair products, be sure to reach for ones that offer moisture. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are a great base for ensuring thick hair gets the care it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Frizz Controller

Always dealing with frizz and flyaways? Reach for an oil-based hair product to help tame them. Oils such as aragon help tame frizz in thick, dry hair creating a sleek look. Remember, when using oils a little goes a long way. Depending on hair length, use around a dime size amount of hair product, working it through your hair to decrease frizz.

Primer Spray

Love your thick hair but hate how long it takes to dry? Decrease blow drying time by investing in a primer spray. Priming the hair pre-blow dry will help lessen the time you’ll have to stand in front of the mirror with a dryer blasting in your ear.

Right Blow Dryer

Speaking of blow drying, be sure to use the right blow dryer for the job. Thick hair can take a long time to dry, so knowing which dryer is best can help speed up the process. Look for an ion dryer with at least 1800 watts of power. This will help your hair dry faster, with less damage and frizz when compared to traditional dryers.

Want to learn how to manage your hairstyle? Our stylists know how to handle your hair, regardless of hair type, and will help you create the look you’ve been dreaming of. Schedule your appointment today!

10 Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Those first few days after a visit to the hair salon can feel like pure bliss. Your hair is looking fabulous and feeling fresh and you’re reveling in the feeling. Yet, we know all too well that good hair days don’t happen every day. We’re here to help you with ten hairstyling hacks to tame your locks and keep you feeling good even when your hair is unruly. Master these hairstyling tips, and you’ll say goodbye to bad hair days.

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1. Dry shampoo before bed

Dry shampoo is a tool every woman should have in her arsenal. For days where time is of the essence, or alarms have been slept through, dry shampoo can save the day. But, did you know it works best when used before going to bed? If you know you’re going to be short on time, spray dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed so it has time to naturally work itself through your hair as you sleep. Wake up with fresh locks and with a few extra minutes of solitude.

2. Spray bobby pins with hairspray

Bobby pins keep falling out? Spray them with hairspray before using them. Spraying a light coat of hairspray on them will give them a rougher texture, making it easier for your hair to cling to them. The hairspray will act as a kind of glue, keeping them in place.

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3. Use your hands to apply hairspray

To enhance your hairstyle and to avoid the helmet head look, lightly spray a coat of hairspray on your hands, then apply it to your hair. This will tame the frizz and add volume without causing the crunchy look we all would rather avoid.

4. Want wavy curls? Start in the middle

Are you looking to improve your hairstyle with waves? Start curling your hair in the middle of it, rather than at the top. This way of curling gives you long, bouncy waves that last longer and look great.

5. Fake a fuller ponytail by using the double ponytail trick

Want your ponytail to look long and full? Hack it. Start by pulling half of your hair into a ponytail at the top. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a lower ponytail, right below the first. The higher ponytail will hide the lower one, creating a full, long ponytail effect.

6. Set your style using the cool setting on your blow dryer

Once you’re finished styling your hair, blast it with the cold air setting on your blow dryer. The cool air will work to set your style, making it last longer.

7. Don’t rub your hair dry, press it

When drying your hair, avoid frizz by pressing the water out of your hair, not rubbing a towel through it. Rubbing creates friction that causes frizz, pressing minimizes this friction. If you want even better results, use a t-shirt to dry your hair. The material used in t-shirts is less likely to cause the friction that promotes frizz.

8. Want a quick curl? Place hair in a ponytail and curl the ends

Spend half the time curling your hair by curling only half your hair. Pulling your hair into a ponytail and curling those pieces will give you the curls you desire in less time.

9. Add shine to your hair by rinsing with cold water

Rinsing with cold water adds instant shine to your hair by closing your hair’s cuticles, sealing them and making them lay flat against each other. When this happens, your hair becomes smooth and less frizzy, increasing shine.

10. Use eyeshadow to make your hair look fuller

Have thin hair? Make it look fuller by applying a shade of eyeshadow that matches your hair color to your part or in other places that look light, like near your hairline. Filling in these spaces with a color that matches your hair will give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

We hope you learned a thing or two about keeping your hair healthy and on point between stylings. These hacks will help you tame your hair and add style and shine to it each day.

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As the seasons change, many people find themselves wanting a fresh new look. With the time and money invested in a visit to the hair salon, finding ways to maintain that hairstyle between visits is key. If you plan to visit the hair salon for an upgraded look, you’ll want to read these five tips for keeping that hairstyle looking good in the weeks after your visit.

Need a new hairstyle for the Fall? Schedule an appointment at Zano Salons with our hair stylists. We have hair salon locations in Naperville, Lisle, and Batavia, Illinois. The specialists at our hair salons follow the latest hair styling trends and are able to give you a custom haircut.

Read our five tips below to learn more about maintaining your hairstyle after your visit to one of our hair salons.

Don’t Over Wash

Shampooing too often will strip your hair of natural oils that are meant to keep hair from drying out. While washing is necessary to maintain proper balance of these oils, over-washing can cause hair to dry out and increase the chances for frizz and breakage. Taking breaks between washing is important in maintaining a good balance of these oils. When you are washing, be sure you’re using the right shampoo for your haircut. If you’ve had color treatments, find a shampoo specifically designed for color treated hair to help maintain your color between visits to the salon.


While everyone should include conditioner in their hair care routine, conditioner can especially be a lifesaver for color-treated hairstyles. The process of coloring hair tends to dry it out, even if your hair stylist is using a moisture-infused color system. Be sure to use conditioner when washing your hair to prevent it from drying out. Conditioner will also bring back any moisture that may have been lost due to coloring or over-washing. Looking to switch up your conditioning routine? Our hair stylists love the Masque Intense from Kerastase!

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Sleep on Silk

Silk pillowcases let our hair flow freely as we sleep, helping decrease frizz. Standard cotton pillowcase textures have a tendency to cause friction, rubbing against our hair and causing hair to become frizzy or kinked – the definition of bed head. Although silk pillowcases can be a sizable investment compared to their counterparts, it’s a small price to pay to avoid waking up with matted, frizzy hair.

Take a Break

If you think about it, we put our hair through a lot. We brush and blow-dry, load up with product, and pull and style our hair into place each day. Blow-drying causes our hair to dry out quicker, potentially damaging it in the process. And, products don’t allow our hair to breath, bogging it down. Give your hairstyle a rest by taking a day off from blow-drying and using products – this will help grow and strengthen your hair between cuts.

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Ask for Direction

When still in the chair at the salon, don’t be afraid to ask for direction from your hair stylist. Our hair stylists specialize at crafting custom haircuts for girls and women. They’ve been in the same boat you have many times and have figured out their own best practices for keeping their hairstyle looking fresh. It may be a certain product that will do the trick, or a washing method that can maintain hair color and texture. Whatever it is, a good hair stylist should be happy to share their tips and tricks for maintaining your specific hairstyle between visits.

Whatever your style, learning the ins and outs of keeping it up will help you feel your best between trips to the hair salon. Need a fresh new look for Fall? Schedule your appointment Zano Salons today!

Makeup Tips for Busy Schedules

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Good makeup usually takes time. Like, a lot. Sigh. So, if you are short on time and regularly apply makeup, here are some tips to ensure you can still achieve the look you want in a fraction of the time.

Everyone has a different daily makeup routine. A makeup or facial feature that is a major concern to some may be negligible for others, so keep in mind that you should only do what you think is important and necessary to look your absolute best!

Dot an eyebrow pencil onto those few sparse areas of your eyebrows if you are in a rush but enjoy polished eyebrows. Once they are evened out, coat with a tinted eyebrow gel or clear mascara for a natural (and awesome!) look.

If you don’t have the time to apply mascara well, and don’t find it absolutely necessary to color your lashes differently, consider investing in an eyelash curler. Curled lashes frame and define eyes in ways similar to mascara, minus the color. Curling is a cool way to open up your eyes.

Maybe you did not get enough sleep, but you would prefer not to be told that you look tired all day. Slap on some peach-colored concealer to your eyelids and under eye area to hide any darkness. The peach color swept under your eyes will brighten them as well. Add a touch of translucent powder and a coat of mascara to ensure you look fresh and well-rested!

There are hundreds of different lip products currently on the market, and many claim to do different things. There is lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm and lip moisturizer, to name a few. Find something that combines highlighting some of your favorite lip features in one product, like a lip gloss crayon. Go with whatever works for you. That way, you can have all the color, highlights and moisture you want all at once! Something wine-colored on your lips creates a soft and diffused look on your face.

Always mix your tinted foundation with moisturizer to create a more natural appearance and to save time. The moisturizer sheers out any foundation. This will give you a beautiful base and make any colors on your face truly pop.

Oftentimes people do not find eyeliner important enough to put on in a hurry. It takes a long time and many choose to skip it. Next time, try tightlining to save some precious minutes and make your eyes appear larger. With a dark brown or black waterproof brush or pencil, look down into your mirror and add liner to the upper lash line from underneath your lashes into the waterline. Basically, you are applying color directly where your lashes are growing out of your skin. Hello eyes! They will look effortlessly more wide-open.

Be sure to finish up with some powder spread evenly over your face with a big, fluffy brush. This will keep everything in place so you don’t have to stress about your quickly made up face all day.                                     

Why not take some of the stress away with a perfect (and snappy!) makeover from the artists at Zano Salons? We accommodate last-minute appointments to help you quickly and easily stay on top of your game!

4 Features of a Great Pedicure

It’s summertime, THE time to air out your feet and wear those cute sandals. And of course, if they’re going to be on display, they need to look their best. Keep your feet stylish and healthy with these tips from the experts at Zano Salons.

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Learn More About Pedicures

Most basically, be sure you get your pedicure in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Zano Salons is proud to meet and exceed all health and cleanliness standards. We offer ample freestanding footbaths and our technicians are well-versed in disinfectant procedures. So, as a full-service salon, we are here to keep you looking and feeling awesome!

Freestanding basins

Footbaths are good. Soaking your feet in water not only feels awesome and cleans out gunk, but also helps to strengthen and whiten nails, amplifying the effects of the pedicure and making your feet look out-of-this-world.

Opt for freestanding basins because they are more convenient and simply easier for pedicurists to clean. They can be scrubbed under running water in a sink. Bacteria and viruses go down the drain. Although freestanding footbaths are ideal, they are not always available.

Foot rubs

Now that you got the bathing squared away, it is time to tackle the prep work. Stay away from sharp tools such as callus shavers and cuticle clippers to lower your chance of breaking skin and thereby leaving you vulnerable to infection. Instead, request a foot buffer or pumice stone to remove calluses more gradually. Leave your cuticles alone—they protect against dangerous microbes. If you wish, use cuticle cream (ask Zano for some) only to soften the area. Inform your pedicurist of your preferences.

Proper cutting

Onto the cutting. Cutting too short or too rounded can create space for nails to grow inwardly. Ingrown toenails are super painful and invite infectious bacteria. Ask your pedicurist to cut straight across. The toenails should be flush with the tips of your toes. You can also request little snips, not big cuts, to prevent nail breakage. If you prefer a rounded look, ask your pedicurist to gently round with a nail file.

Seamless polish application

Now, for the actual coloring part. Your pedicurist should pretty up your toenails with a base coat, two layers of polish, and a high-shine top coat. Don’t be afraid to bring in your own polish if you have a specific color in mind. We also offer stain corrector! A coat of stain corrector instantly brightens your nail tips and makes the nail beds pinker and prettier.

Ready for your perfect pedicure? Come to one of our fabulous Zano locations today for a healthy and stylish pedicure!

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wedding makeup

If you’ve checked social media or your mailbox in the last few months, you know that wedding season is definitely here. Whether your big day is quickly approaching or you’re in the bridal party, you need some wedding makeup tips.

Zano Salons is your personal bridal team. We’ll ensure you’ll look like the absolute best version of you, so all you’ll need to worry about is walking down the aisle.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

You deserve to look especially stunning on your wedding day and, as with all other facets of wedding planning, your look must be carefully tested and approved. This is not the day to experiment. We recommend scheduling an initial trial run at least six months prior, and then a second attempt no more than two months before the big day. Make sure you are compatible with your makeup artist and on the same page, down to the very last eyelash coating.

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Get your skincare routine down to a science

If you have been slacking with your skincare routine, a few months before the wedding is a good time to pick it up! Schedule monthly treatments (facials) at your favorite makeup salon to illuminate and firm your complexion, giving you the best base for makeup. Skin cannot simply be “fixed” the day of, so schedule at least three appointments in the months prior.

Now, the makeup

Smoky eyes? Subtle definition? A bold lip? There are so many directions to take as far as wedding day makeup, and we often turn to Hollywood for inspiration. But, what’s most important is capturing a look that is not only effortless to wear, but that you will love and appreciate for years to come. Here are some options! 

Poised and polished

Go for a polished look with a light wash of eyeshadow and pearly pink lipstick. Add subtle bronzer for elegance. The sun-kissed glow will also help you shine on camera, instead of appearing washed out. 

Light it up

Looking for an all-around glow? Use ample luminescent foundation and primer. This kind of look is always camera-ready yet somewhat understated.

Sultry smoke

Smoke it up! Layer a soft cream shadow with a darker color and blend to a dewy finish. Add some eyelash extensions to really make your eyes pop!

Also, let’s not forget:  wear waterproof mascara. It is just the rule. Even if you’re not a “cryer,” your wedding day will bring out a mix of beautiful emotions; be ready for it!

Classic red

If you want to emphasize your luscious lips, look no further than a classic red lipstick. It harkens back to Old Hollywood, and makes a statement without being over-the-top (if done well).

Big and bold

It is your wedding day! What more important day to look glamorous and confident all over? Mix deep smoky eyes and bold lips for a pigmented, velvety look. Use a small-tipped brush for eyeliner application accuracy.

Avoid a shiny face with a dusting of translucent powder across the forehand, sides of the nose and on the chin using a powder puff. Applying a soft, shimmery highlighter to the temples afterward will guarantee a glowing, not shining face.

Make it last

The key to wedding makeup is endurance: people will be taking pictures of you and your bridal all night, and you need makeup that lasts from the first to last flash of a camera. Create a lasting look with plenty of primer after cleansing and moisturizing. Add foundation on top of your primer. Then, apply everything in thin, even layers for a durable, flawless look!

Be sure to also pack a touch-up kit to keep your makeup fresh and vibrant throughout the day’s festivities. Essentials like blush, cotton swabs, tissues, and translucent powder can be stored in a bridesmaid’s clutch purse for quick moments in-between main events or snapshots. Your groom can even carry extra lip gloss or mascara in his suit jacket!

Need a wedding glam squad? Call Zano Salons today to schedule your first hair and/or makeup trial. Our on-location team of expert stylists, makeup artists, and consultants will come to you to give you a stress-free, relaxing, and dreamy day to remember!

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Summer is basically here, which means it’s time for a makeover. Or, if not a new look, at least an update to your current style. Luckily for you, Zano Salon has new summer products for the hair and body that might be perfect for you.

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Reuzel Pomade

This one is for the guys. The Reuzel line comes from the famous Schorem barber shop in Rotterdam (that’s in the Netherlands, in case you were wondering), and it’s starting to make waves here with multiple products. The main attraction is its lineup of pomades, which can hold your hair in specific styles. Each variant not only differs in overall strength but also on shine intensity. Reuzel also makes additional products for the hair and beard such as shampoos, conditioners, and beard balm.

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Bio Repair 8

ColorProof’s latest product is for those who want a healthier scalp as well as those with color-treated hair and suffer from breakage or thinning. You’ll first use the Anti-Thinning Shampoo to restore your scalp, and then apply the Anti-Thinning conditioning formula to reinforce the new scalp surface, which leads to stronger hair. The final step involves the use of an apple and grape stem cell scalp serum as a final coat above the scalp. This will strengthen the scalp, and provide a solid foundation for new and healthy hair. In addition to these products, the Bio Repair line also includes a blow dry spray.

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Rikoko Beauty

Looking for some new color tints in your hair? Try the Prism leave-in conditioner lineup from Rikoko, which are made with coconut oil, passion fruit, and vetiver (a type of grass native to India). There are five Prism colors to choose from such as include opal, rouge, and bronze. In addition to providing color tints, the Prism products also add moisture, shine, and protection from humidity. If color tinting isn’t your thing, you can check out other Rikoko products such as shampoo, conditioner, and hair balm, all of which also use coconut oil.

Eleven Australia

For more budget-friendly products, you might want to take a look at Eleven Australia. A majority of the company’s products are for your hair, which includes volume shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, and pomades. However, the company also makes lotion and body wash, which makes it an effective a one-stop source for your hair and body care needs. Some Eleven products are also vegan and gluten-free, and there are even a few travel-sized variants, so you can take them with you when you’re traveling across the country or around the world. 

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SaA spa day for yourself can be relaxing, but it’s even better if you spend it with your friends. Spa parties and trips to the salon are so popular because they work for pretty much any event. From a simple get-together or a birthday celebration, there’s no party like a spa party.

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Frankie Says Relax

A hard — or stressful — day at work calls for a massage. You can opt for a regular session or turn up the heat with a river rock massage. Some people choose the latter option because it quickly relieves tension in your muscles. The high heat of the stones also increases blood circulation, which eliminates any aches and pains throughout the body.

A facial treatment is another great way to relax at the spa. You can choose from different options that range from a simple treatment to newer methods like hydrolifting. The calm atmosphere, candles, and heated bed should keep you in a state of bliss while you get a younger and smoother face.

Treat Yourself

A spa day is the pinnacle of luxurious pampering, so why not gift yourself with the royal treatment on your birthday? You can start the day with a manicure and pedicure, which includes a hand and foot massage in addition to the usual shaping and filing of your nails. Afterwards, head down on the massage table to receive either a standard massage or a river rock treatment. To top it all off, get some facial treatments while resting on a heated bed and listening to calming music.

Happily Ever After

The big wedding is today and you need to look on point, whether you’re in the wedding party or just attending the after party. In both cases, you’ll need the full works. The manicure and pedicure are essential, especially for those close-up photo shoots after the ceremony. A proper waxing and facial is also important because you’ll be wearing a nice dress, and there’s more than a chance that you’ll be in a few professionally-shot photos.

Have A “Good Hair Day”

Good hair days are hard to come by. In addition to traditional spa treatments, tack on a cut and color to leave the salon fully ready for your next big outing. Especially as the weather warms up, it’s nice to change it up with a refreshing style. Our expert stylists and colorists are among the best in the business. Don’t believe us? Check Instagram.

No matter the occasion, Zano Salons can accommodate you and your group for an unforgettable party. If you’re in a rush, you can choose the Zano Express Service, which features 30-minute sessions for manicure, pedicure, massages, facials, and a hair blow out. Pre-built spa packages are also available. You can also make appointments for special occasions, standard haircuts, or hair treatments.


Rose gold has seemingly taken over every aspect of Millennial existence: from technology to Snapchat filters, clothing, and accessories, the color is everywhere. A newer way to “rosé all day” has emerged over the past year: rose blonde hair.

For those looking for a versatile change-up from the usual high and lowlights, consider this edgy take on a classic. Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning, and Hilary Duff have all plunged into the rose gold pool. While they dove right into an all-over tone, clients can also dip in one toe at a time by adding rose blonde highlights throughout their existing colors.

Zano Salons has the most highly trained hair colorists in the industry, and they never shy away from opportunities to try different looks. This rose blonde shade is one of them. We’ve done it before, and we’re eager to do it again!

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Before you swan dive into the rose blonde color pool, we’ve answered some questions about one of the hottest trends of 2018. Think pink.

Will it look good on me?

The main appeal of rose blonde is its versatility: it complements any skin tone, and can be modified to an exact hue that works for you. So, although it will be a change, it won’t be SO shocking that you will no longer recognize yourself. It will add character in a wearable, classy way.

How Do I Get Rose Blonde Hair?

There are always two choices: DIY or the salon. If you’ve decided on coloring your entire head with rose blonde, having a professional colorist take the reigns is by far the best option. The look will require more maintenance as time goes on, and it will be most beneficial to stick with someone who knows where you started and where you should end up on the color spectrum. And, with a significant change like this, wouldn’t you like it done right instead of worrying about the outcome?

For highlights, the same rule applies. You may be able to get away with keeping it up yourself, but it would still do a great service to gauge your colorist’s opinion on which products are preferred over others. As good as a lot of home color products are, one mishap can affect your look, particularly if it’s the first time and you have to bleach your hair. No one wants to go through the hassle of going back to the salon and spending more money fixing a mistake than preventing it from the beginning!

How Should I Prep For Rose Blonde Hair?

For blondes, it’s rather simple. Just visit your colorist and add rose gold highlights to get the look. For the brunette and black hair colors, it’s a bit more challenging. Accept that achieving this look is not impossible, but it will take some time. Hair needs to be bleached before applying rose blonde, regardless of the starting color. The darker the shade, the longer (and more expensive) it will take to build the shade. If you’re up for the color, but not so much the upkeep or expense, you can always try dyeing your ends or light layers first to see how much you like it before committing to the full-on hair color.

How Do I Take Care of Rose Blonde Hair?

Once you do have the look, it will require regular maintenance and retouching. Customers will notice the first signs of fading after 5-7 washes. To prolong fading, adjust your hair care routine. Using color-treated shampoos, conditioners, and other products doesn’t stop fading entirely but can delay it as much as possible. Ask your colorist what products he or she recommends.


A hot bowl of wax is an intimidating sight. If you’ve booked a waxing appointment, it’s probably in preparation for a significant life event where photographs are certain. Weddings, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, or tropical vacations are all common occasions for a wax.

As cringe-worthy as a bikini wax may sound, there are some things you can do to alleviate your anxiety, increase comfort, and promote lasting effects. Here’s our official breakdown of generally accepted Do’s and Don’ts of waxing.

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Shower before waxing

Taking a brief, warm (not hot) shower before your appointment will help relax your skin and open up your pores. The looser your skin is, the easier it will be to remove hair.

Exfoliate gently (before and after)

A standard tip that many waxing technicians will give you before your wax is to gently exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and any moisturizers/additional skincare products so the waxing strips can cling and nip hair quickly.

You’re usually clear to start exfoliating your skin again a few days after your wax. Especially if you have sensitive skin as it is, it’s important to wait long enough for the initial effects of the wax to subside before removing excess dead skin cells.

Take pain medications

Taking a dose of Ibuprofen, Advil, or any other mild over-the-counter pain meds at least 30 minutes before your wax will help relax your muscles and act early to lessen your pain.

Avoid harsh sunlight

After you’re fully waxed, it’s best to avoid extended time in the sun, as UV rays can be harmful in drying out or even blistering your skin. We understand you want a sunkissed look so you don’t look washed out in pictures, so if you want the best of both worlds, try to get your tan on plenty of time in advance. This kind of irritation could lead to infection in the waxed area, which is both unhealthy and uncomfortable!

Wear loose clothing

It is typically ill-advised to wear very tight, form-fitting clothing the first days after a wax. Clothing can cause inflammation if repeatedly rubbed against raw waxed areas.

Take showers instead of baths

In the initial stages of recovery from a wax, showers are recommended in place of baths. Running water from a shower is cleaner that sitting in bath water.


Drink caffeinated beverages before your wax

We completely understand the need for caffeine. But, perhaps hold off until after your appointment to fill up on your usual jolt. Drinking any kind of caffeine, even alcohol, can make your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Ice your waxed spot

We’re not denying it, waxing does hurt in the moment. We, of all people, understand how tempting it is to numb the pain with ice. It makes sense, too: cold compresses and ice have been used to reduce pain for centuries. But, in this case, icing your skin can tighten your pores and make it more difficult to remove hairs.

Wait too long to wax again

The longer you wait to wax again, the harder it will be. The process will take longer and will be more painful because you’ll have more hair to remove. It’s a good idea to book your next wax once the hair reaches roughly a quarter of an inch.

Do extremely intense workouts

It’s great you’re taking care of yourself with proper exercise. But, maybe hold off on your most intense workouts until at least a few days after your wax. Sweat and friction will cause more discomfort and delay healing.

Get a spray tan immediately following a wax

The chemicals used in a spray tan are risky to put on freshly waxed areas. Also, the color may look uneven between waxed and unwaxed areas.

Use scented skincare products

Ingredients of scented lotions, soaps, body washes, essential oils, and other toiletry items are very irritating to newly waxed skin. Use generic or fragrance-free products for the first few days after your wax.

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