Tips for Healthy Nails This Summer

Tips for Healthy Nails This Summer


Taking care of your nails is often an afterthought. Of course, we all love to “pamper” ourselves once in awhile with a mani/pedi combo; realistically, nail care should be a regular activity. Clean nails not only look more presentable, but are better for your overall hygiene.

Particularly in the summer when trips to the beach and pool are an everyday occurrence, maintaining proper nail health helps fight fungal infections, overexposure to the sun, and overgrowth, which is common in warmer weather. Our nails are indicators of our overall health, so it’s important they get as much attention as the rest of us!

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Here are some simple ways to ensure your nails withstand this season and into the next.


Your nails can become dehydrated with repeated UV exposure. Applying cuticle oil to the nail and surrounding skin will help prevent dry or cracked nails. It also improves the nail’s appearance, keeping them smooth and more flexible. Cuticle oil also spurs on nail growth and helps your manicure last longer. Using a moisturizing lotion or hand cream on top of this will aid in more healthy skin growth, providing a healthy cushion on which your nail can grow.


Before you head to the pool, make sure to add a strengthening topcoat to both your fingernails and toenails if they’re polished. The base coat will stick to the top coat to secure the polish and give you a high-gloss shine. Many top coats also include ingredients that stop nail splitting and breaking, like protein, vitamin E, and calcium. Once the nail is broken, there’s a higher chance for bacterial infection and other ailments.


Remembering to cut your nails may seem basic, but in the hustle of everyday life, other things take precedence. Fingernails are there to prevent injury and stop dirt or grime from entering the body. Going a long time without clearing underneath your nails not only shows, but opens a window to infection and unpleasant odors if you’re not careful. Filing and clipping them altogether when they reach a certain length is a sure-fire way to get rid of filth for good. Fingernails also grow faster than toenails, which makes upkeep that much more important.

Keeping up with your nail length can also be a factor of the season. Nails tend to grow quicker in warmer temperatures because of the nutrients brought by sunlight exposure that encourages growth, much like a flower that blooms after getting plenty of sun and water. Our nails are made of a type of keratin, a protective protein that our hair is also made of but that does not result in the same hardness.


Yes, we do believe getting a manicure and pedicure is beneficial for your health, both physical and mental. Nail technicians are trained to spot trouble areas and treat them with various therapies. A pedicure will scrape off dead skin and control calluses that may be causing you discomfort. Having your hands and feet gently massaged relieves tension, replenishes skin, and promotes circulation that your nails need in order to maintain their coloring and strength. Professional technicians are experts at digging out hard-to-get dirt, and shaping your nails appropriately so they grow healthier.

A second set of eyes examining your nails can also help identify potential problems you wouldn’t have been able to detect on your own. For example, nail discoloration is a common symptom of overarching issues in your body. Your mind will be set at ease, and you’ll come out with one less thing to worry about.

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