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True beauty is something that comes from deep within each of us. But sometimes it’s the smaller, external changes we make in life that have a powerful influence on how we look and feel. This is a key reason why the benefit of changing your look with a new haircut and style can bring a significant boost to your self-confidence and simply the way you feel.

Start Anew with a New, Appealing Hairstyle
Life’s challenges can leave practically anyone to steadily lose self-confidence. Sometimes we all could benefit from a feeling of renewal and replenishment in our daily routine. A new haircut and style can be an ideal way of saying “good by” to the old and trying something refreshingly different.

Hair can certainly be appealing in so many various sizes and shapes. It can make a statement about who you are, how you live and how well you cope with a busy, action-filled lifestyle. That’s why the many benefits of choosing a new haircut and style may be more impactful than we realize.

Hairstyles Tell a Unique Story
From a shoulder-length cut to a moderate trim, your locks can express your story. A touch of color, for instance, can express a youthful, vibrant edge. Without a doubt, the vibrant appeal that can result from a simple color change can be remarkable. Vivid color can warm and enhance us in many ways that impact our daily encounters.

Reinventing Yourself Through a New Hairstyle at Our Beauty Salon Lisle IL

A few simple snips of your stylist’s scissors can remove years from your appearance and provide a feeling of rejuvenation and more confidence. Plus, a new look can result in the positive attention that you deserve. A new haircut allows one to change and enjoy a reinvention in subtle – or not so subtle – ways that represents a sense of energy and creativity.

When you consider it, a haircut enables you to alter a feature about yourself that reflects your own unique style and beautiful personality. It’s healthy to give yourself sufficient personal attention for glamor and rejuvenation. What better way than with a new, fresh hairstyle?

Embrace a new change! Allow your hair to transform along with you while you continue growing into the next stage in your life. Come to our Beauty Salon Lisle IL and consult with expert stylists about you next new look.

Beauty Salon Lisle IL

Whether you’re spending time relaxing poolside or tossing a Frisbee at a beach or a park, your feet can go through quite a lot during the summer season. Lengthy periods of exposure to sunlight, sand and various warm surfaces can cause your skin to get rough and dry. When it comes to getting your feet ready to wear sandals this season, consistent skin care is essential.

First and perhaps most important, apply a quality sunscreen to your feet if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. Without adequate protection, you’ll risk burning your feet’s sensitive skin, which can be quite uncomfortable. Make an effort to regularly exfoliate your skin, both at the Beauty Salon Lisle IL and while at home. With a washcloth, foot scrub or a file you can eliminate callouses and dead skin, which will leave your feet looking smoother and prettier.

Feet should receive moisturizing frequently. The soles and heels of your feet can be overworked, which will tend to make them dry out rapidly. Because the skin on your heels is significantly thicker, use your favorite hydrating product and apply it generously. – Beauty Salon Lisle IL

Preparing your Toenails for the Summer Season

Like your facial skin, it’s important to give some additional attention to your toenails during the summertime. The higher humidity and warm temperatures make your feet perspire, resulting in the perfect conditions for a fungal infection. In addition, your toenails grow much faster during this time of the year. Continual exposure to a chemical like chlorine risks weakening your toenails to the point they may break. Fortunately, basic maintenance and pedicures at our Beauty Salon Lisle IL can keep your toenails healthy and strong.

Cut your toenails straight across, then file them to the length you prefer. Cutting too deep at the corners or close toward the nail beds can result in painful ingrown toenails. Clean and moisturize the cuticles but avoid overcutting them because they are essential for protecting your nails against bacteria.

Buff your toenails before you add color. This helps to reduce the thickness of toenails and retain the nail polish. To provide toenails with sufficient hydration, the first step is to apply a base coating. This also helps to avoid yellowing of the nails. Add a top coat last to protect the toenails and help the polish last and stay shiny.

Schedule a Manicure-Pedicure at our Beauty Salon Lisle IL – Call Zano Salon & Spa at 630-961-3363

Keep Your Toenails Short Especially in the Summertime – Beauty Salon Lisle IL

Frequently trimming your toenails can actually help speed up their growth. Keeping them on the shorter side is important for stronger, healthier toenails. Shorter toenails are far less prone to rip or break during your activities in the summer. Plus, they need less maintenance and moisture.

When cutting your toenails, try to avoid using harsh instruments. Cut them in a straight line in order to keep them from growing out into their corners. File your toenails in one direction – filing them in a back and forth motion can cause toenails to peel and split. When toenails become too pointy, they are more vulnerable to breakage. File them in an oval shape to keep them strong in the summer.

General Health and Your Nails
Not surprisingly, there is a direct relationship between your overall health and the condition of your nails. Bad nutrition, infections and aging are common factors that can weaken the nails and slow down growth. Summertime is ideal for getting more active and improving your health. Follow a balanced and healthy diet and remember to consume enough water each day. Your toenails and your fingernails will show the benefits! Since bacteria flourishes in humidity, wash and thoroughly dry your hands frequently to avoid risk of infection. Follow up by applying lotion, oil or cream to restore moisture.

Ready for a New Nail Color? Schedule a Treatment at our Beauty Salon

Update your look this spring and summer with trendy polish colors like:

-Citrus. Springtime is the right time for growth and renewal, which can include the colors of citrus. This year, consider trying shades like grapefruit or mandarin orange. If you’re not a fan of neon shadings, try a creamier polish that still looks bright and appealing.

-Pastels. Trade in darker, winter nail colors for lighter hues in the spring and summer. Experiment with the softer presentation of pastel purples, pinks, greens and blues to find the shade just right for you!

-Elegant earth tones. Searching for a shade of nail polish that’s a good match with your wardrobe? This year’s trend toward earth tones may be ideal for your style! Stone, coral, sand and other earthy, neutral shades of nail polish make it easy to coordinate with your clothes while also being light enough for the warmer weather! – Beauty Salon Lisle IL

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