Hair Extensions FAQ

This year it is not about what you remove, it is about what you add! Our hair extension department can answer all of your needs from adding length to adding density. Zano has been a leader in the extension business in the Western Suburbs for over ten years, only partnering with the best in the industry. Our commitment to supporting our local beauty community and excellence has made our choice of partnering with Tony Odisho a simple one. This partnership has lead to success stories in making thinning hair feel full again, creating the perfect haircut and maintaining or changing your color without any damage to your hair. Please read our frequently asked questions section and reserve your consultation today.

Will my hair break from hair extensions?

The brand of hair that we carry uses a keratin bond instead of a surgical tape. This insures that the extension hair and your natural hair have the same flexibility, which encourages better integrity. If taken care of properly, you should not lose any more hair in the 6 – 8 weeks of wear than you would normally lose through brushing, shampooing and daily stress.

Are hair extensions high maintenance?

In our experience, these hair extensions are an addition to your head of hair and your pocket book, but a subtraction in the amount of time spent in the morning to make your hair look good. For most of our guests, these extensions provide solutions to styling challenges they have been having for years, and it only lessens the maintenance. There is an added commitment to cost and specific ways to care for them, but nothing unreasonable.

Are extensions only for length?

Some guests use this product for length and others for density. The most popular use for hair extensions is to actually fill in density to wispy ends, while still keeping the general length the same.

How much do they cost?

Price is based on consultation and can range from under five hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on your specific needs. Please call to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists today.

Where does the hair come from?

The hair we use is resourced from two different temples in India that receive this hair based on individual donation. We only use “Remy” hair, which means each hair is placed so that the hair cuticle is all running in the same direction. This means smoother hair collected in a humane and organized way. We are proud to partner ourselves with Tony Odisho, not only because of these reasons, but also because they are a local company committed to excellence.

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