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Read on for a few useful tips for styling your hair at home, such as some basics about haircuts, taming frizz, which style products are right for your so you can achieve the look you want:

Getting better acquainted with your hair is the first step toward taking better overall care of it.

To that end, before picking up a brush or a heating tool, it helps to distinguish your own hair type. Hair usually falls into two different categories: thick and fine.

Your hair type is thick when:

Your hair type is fine when:

It All Starts with a Good Cut and Style – Best Hair Salon Naperville IL

Scheduling haircuts on a consistent basic is about more than only trimming away dead ends. Haircuts also help your hair look thicker and more vibrant. A haircut by the salon professionals at our Best Hair Salon Naperville IL also forms an ideal foundation for practically any type of hairstyle you want. If your hair could benefit from some added bounce because it tends to be “flat” you could try soft, short layers than frame your face and add volume.

If you have thicker hair, consider growing your hair longer with layers that lessen density. Just try to avoid shoulder-length haircuts because they could appear too chunky.

Consider thickness when it comes to selecting hair products.

The foundation for attaining luxuriant, healthy hair starts with a quality shampoo and conditioners that are formulated for your specific type of hair in addition to deep-conditioner treatments for weekly infusions of healthy moisture. Remember that when it comes to hair products, different types of hair have different needs. For instance, if your hair is straight and fine you might want to use a lighter formulas such as sprays and mists because heavier conditioners will tend to weigh down your hair.

Someone with curly, thick hair, in contrast, might want to apply products with rich oils and thicker creams in order to moisturize strands.

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While hair style products might have their differences from one brand to another, there’s one aspect about them that is common to all: a little bit tends to go a long way. When adding any kind of product to your hair, always begin with a small amount and add more as needed.

Hair gels, even they feel like a liquid to the touch, still dry rapidly into a firm, shiny shell. They’re suitable for creating a spikier look for shorter hair, slicking it down and adding definition to curls.

-Mousse is a light styling foam that provides a voluminous look.

-Other types of finishing Best Hair Salon Naperville IL products, such as serums and creams are also light and useful for last-second touch ups when you’re on-the-go.

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