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Changing your style and the color of your hair is a great way to help yourself regain self-confidence and feel refreshed again. But sometimes, however, women will wind up second-guessing the changes they make because they simply were not sufficiently informed of the decision prior to making the big change. To that end, to help ensure your satisfaction with a new cut or color, we present some answers to some FAQs about hairstyles and colors:

-How light should I go until the color no longer complementing my skin tone? For women planning a change to their hair’s color, we generally recommend going no more than two shades lighter or darker than your hair’s own natural color. This will serve to ensure that the new color will still appear natural and be a good match to your eyebrows. Also, it helps guarantee the new color will be a complementary match with your skin tone because it’s not too far from your natural color.

However, based upon how light or dark you plan to go, it is always a smart idea to consult with your hair stylists. Our staff members are well-versed in a wide range of hair styles and are able to provide you with a professional, informed opinion on what color shares may or may be right for you. Another important factor to consider is that your stylist can determine if your hair will be capable of attaining – and maintaining – the color you want. In the event your hair is dark naturally, trying to go blonde may require a significant amount of product that risks causing damage to your hair.

-I’m thinking about fashionable colors like purple or pink, what is the process for those shades?
To start, your will require bleaching to achieve a lighter blonde coloring. This is necessary before you’ll be able to dye your hair a color like pink or purple. Without using bleach, the new color will not look as bright or might not even show at all.

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Additionally, Hair Salon Naperville IL colors like purple, turquoise or pink have a tendency to fade away rapidly. Consequently, if you decide on those options for dye you will have to maintain the color every couple weeks in order to keep it vibrant.

-How can I keep the ends of my hair from fading sooner than the rest of it? Naturally, Hair Salon Naperville IL dye will fade steadily with time. However, it’s possible to help retain its vibrancy by applying conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Also, inquire with your stylist about applying a gloss as part of your coloring appointment. Gloss can help keep your hair color look healthy and shiny instead of drab and fading over time.

With our experienced hair stylists, changing your hair color can boost your confidence and give you a whole new, exciting look. Contact our Hair Salon Naperville IL for an in-depth opinion on which colors or styles would be right for you.

When it comes to choosing a new hair color, avoid going too extreme. Colors such as red, purple and blue are fun to consider, but risk making you appear unprofessional if you’re working in an office or other type of professional setting. Instead, consider a hair color that’s one or two shades darker or lighter than your current color. It can have a similar bold result but without the abruptness that may look out of place at work.

Schedule an appointment with a colorist at our Hair Salon Naperville IL locations and discover your next new hair color!