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Looking for Haircut Salons in DuPage or Kane Counties? Visit Zano Salon & Spa at the following locations:

-Naperville: 35 South Washington Street (Call 630-428-4001) or at 1767 West Ogden Avenue (Call 630-778-8999.)

-Batavia: 2016 West Wilson Street. (Call 630-406-9555.)

-Lisle: 6484 College Road. (Call 630-961-3363.)

There’s no overstating the benefits of scheduling regular haircuts at Zano Salon & Spa. A cut by our experienced stylists will leave you healthy, beautiful hair that looks just like you want it to.

When your hair receives regular trims, it can help prevent the hair cuticles from fraying and splitting.

Anyone who experiences split ends knows they can be difficult to manage and repair. Without a doubt, routine appointments at one of our Haircut Salons can help avoid that problem while keeping your hair looking vibrant and appealing.

Some of the main benefits to regular haircuts include:

-Stay fresh and looking your very best. Our Haircut Salons experts will give you a haircut that compliments your face and natural features for a revitalized look!

-Minimize damage. When you visit our Haircut Salons for an appointment every six weeks or so, it helps to reduce the damage and stress of factors that hair is exposed to every day like split ends and hair products to wind and UV rays. Haircuts maintain a vivacious shine and protect your hair against those common elements.

-Promotes healthy growth. Getting a cut and style at our Haircut Salons at least every six weeks will help your locks grow at a healthy and consistent rate.

-Boosts self-confidence. There’s something about a new haircut that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed – particularly when you experiment with a new style.

-Properly frames the structure of your face.

-Improves the natural texture of your hair.

-A haircut helps the style of your hair retain its shape.

After this refresher on the key benefits of scheduling haircuts at our salon, it all starts with you! For healthier hair that will make you feel good and look your best, call one of our four Haircut Salons locations and set an appointment. Whether you need a trim or want to try a whole new hairstyle and color, you’ll be in expert hands at Zano.

In addition to haircuts, coloring and styling, our salon services include professional nail treatments.

Regular manicures actually help provide benefits for your general health and wellness, especially during the harsh conditions of an Illinois winter. Besides keeping your hands looking healthy and young, some of the other benefits of regular manicures are:

-Increases blood circulation. A relaxing, rejuvenating massage of the hands is an important component of a professional manicure. This serves to improve circulation as well as joint mobility.

-Improves nail health. Regularly-scheduled manicures protect your nails against the risk of developing infections. Our hands, in particular, are exposed continuously to a lot of products and elements. It’s a good practice to give your hands a deep clean to remove dirt and dead cells. Consequently, that encourages growth of new skin cells and leaves your nails healthier and stronger.

-Reduces stress. You’re probably aware that a body massage is an excellent way to rejuvenate the nervous system and ease stress. Likewise, a manicure can also provide a healthy reduction in stress and leave your feeling refreshed.

Manicures are also an ideal way to refresh while improving the feel and appearance of your hands. It’s not uncommon for someone experiencing a lot of stress to pick at their cuticles, which can leave them cracked and dry. Manicures will minimize that and keep your nails and hands looking more youthful.

Call our Haircut Salons to schedule a haircut, a manicure our any of our other salon services!

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