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Kid Haircut Naperville IL

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Shorter hairstyles for girls are a convenient way to enjoy a low-maintenance cut that your daughter can easily care for. Popular shorter Kid Haircuts Naperville IL for girls include shags, bobs, undercuts and pixies.

A short hairstyle is a popular choice for many girls because they help prevent tangles and keeps their hair clear of eyes and face. A shorter style make movement easier and – importantly – is less maintenance.

For boys, there are several easy to care for Kid Haircut Naperville IL styles that showcase your child’s personality. Whichever type of hair he has, our experienced stylist can give your son a stylish haircut you’ll both like!

Schedule a Kid Haircut Naperville IL at our salon in downtown Naperville by calling 630-428-4001. Or, call our Ogden Avenue location at 630-778-8999.

Planning for your child’s first Kid Haircut Naperville IL? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to help their haircut be an enjoyable experience for them – and not a stressful one for you.

-Address your child’s sensitivities. Begin by allowing your youngster to recognize their particular sensitivities. Provide them with the right words that will help him or her identify what they are feeling. Make the child aware that you acknowledge their discomfort.

-Make a brief visit to our salon so the child will be familiar with the setting when it’s time for their Kid Haircut Naperville IL. Also, it’s beneficial to schedule their appointment for a time when the child will not feel hungry or tired.

-Take the child shopping. Bring your child along with you on a trip to the store. Allow them to select a hairbrush or a grooming product like a nail trimmer. This can help the child feel at ease and lessen frustration.

-Play some tunes. Listening to music on the way to their Kid Haircut Naperville IL can ease feelings of anxiety.

-Bring a snack. Use a favorite treat as a form of distraction that will help the child remain calm during their haircut.

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