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Manicure Batavia IL

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A professional Manicure Batavia IL is a great way to pamper yourself and relax – and your nails will look great! However, there are additional health benefits to scheduling a regular manicure (and pedicure) at Zano Salon & Spa:

-Keep your cuticles healthy. A mani-pedi provides a deep cleansing for your nails and ensures that they look healthy and attractive. This is an essential benefit of nail care because your hands and feet are subject to lot of bacteria and activity every day. Consistent, professional salon treatment removes dead skin cells – an important step in encouraging growth of new cells. In addition, a regular Manicure Batavia IL will make sure that your fingernails don’t end up in poor condition or become vulnerable to a fungal infection. If you’re looking to protect your nails on a continuing basis, schedule a manicure at our salon today!

Manicure Batavia IL

-Supports healthy circulation. Massage for the hands is a part of a manicure, which is a good way to enhance circulation. That can be helpful during the winter season. Poor blood circulation can lead to numbness and coldness in the hands as well as joint discomfort or even swelling. The positive effect of massage for the hands is an increase in blood circulation to improve mobility of the joints and help reduce pain.

Your hands and feet go through regular exposure to some pretty harsh elements and experiences. This could range from uncomfortable shoes or working in extreme cold weather. It’s easy sometimes to forget how these parts of the body need care and specific attention. A regular Manicure Batavia IL and pedicure will help protect against issues such as cracked, dry skin on your hands and uncomfortable callouses on your feet.

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