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Manicure Naperville IL – Zano Salon & Spa – Downtown Location: 630-428-4001 – Ogden Location: 630-778-8999

A professional manicure not only leaves your fingernails looking fashionable – it also helps relieve stress too! During a manicure at our salon, our nail technicians treat, clean and shape your cuticles, which is essential for keeping them healthy and strong.

The benefits of a regular Manicure Naperville IL include:

-Improves health of your nails. Your nails are continually exposed to many different elements such as dirt, chemicals and other pollutants. In addition, a nail infection can certainly have a bad effect on the appearance of your hands. Scheduling regular manicures is effective for preventing the risk of chipping or breaking your nails.

-A Manicure Naperville IL keeps your hands clean and smooth. Hard water that contains lots of mineral deposits can be harsh on the skin. A manicure helps maintain smooth nails and soft skin despite exposure to the elements. Manicures also help prevent fingernails from getting too dry and cracking.

-Reduces stress. A good way of managing stress is to book a manicure at one of our salons in Naperville.

It’s a relaxing treatment that leaves your nails looking much better while also decreasing your stress level!

In addition to Manicure Naperville IL, we also offer pedicures too. This service is especially beneficial if you have callouses on the soles of your feet. Besides the discomfort they can cause, callouses can even impact you balance and distribution of your weight. Our salon technicians can exfoliate and deep cleanse your feet to prevent this uncomfortable condition.

Another benefit to a manicure and pedicure is that each treatment helps improve blood circulation. The relaxing, soothing massage you’ll get on your hands and feet helps a lot with better blood flow.

Schedule your next manicure and pedicure at Zano Salon & Spa.

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