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In between your regularly scheduled cut and style appointments with our Naperville Hair Salon professionals, here are a few tips and hair accessories to carry with you to help you look your best. Tailor your arsenal of hair care items to address your particular type and texture and stock up fundamentals like:

-A hair dryer that is lightweight that won’t risk damaging your hair.

-Hairbrushes, ties and bobby pins that are a color match to your strands.

Hair Brushing Basics – Naperville Hair Salon

For your daily grooming routine, use paddle hair brushes. When you’re blow-drying, use a round hair brush that easily grabs each strand. However, avoid round brushes that have a metal frame — when used with the hot air from a hair dryer, it could heat up rapidly and burn your hair. Stay safe and use a wooden brush. All hair brushes are definitely not the same. When you consider factors like bristle type and hair textures, the brush you use makes a significant difference in your hair care:

-For normal or thick hair types, try a nylon-and-boar combination brush to detangle. Also, they present the extra benefits of smoothing your hair to create a healthy, lively sheen.

-For finer hair, chose brushes that exclusively feature authentic boar bristles. They enhance and smooth hair without tugging and pulling.

-If your hair is thick, a nylon bristle brush will provide added sturdiness to help untangle difficult knots.

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Embrace the Natural Texture of Your Hair

Accepting and making the most of your hair’s natural properties is essential for achieving the looks and styles you really want. If you have been using heated styling tools for many years, for instance, consider taking some time to gain an understanding of what your hair truly needs to appear its very best and in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. Additionally, avoid using any hair care products that could have a dehydrating effect, such as mineral oils, sulfates, alcohols or waxes.

Consider the Styles that are a Good Match to Your Hair Types

If your hair is fine, you’ve actually got some flexibility with respect to style options. For example, you can experiment with messy looks, low buns or curl and straighten with ease. Most importantly, the way you choose to style your hair all depends upon personal taste. Consult with the experts at our Naperville Hair Salon for a look you’ll love!

Follow these tips to add some extra volume to fine hair. (Hint: adding volume requires dedication and practice in the art of teasing hair.)

-Before you start, make sure that your hair is fully dry and free of knots.

-Using a fine-tooth or a tail comb, separate out a section of your hair in front and clip it over to one side.

-Gently taking a section of hair at the crown, lift it straight upwards. To avoid risk of damage, begin at the middle of the shaft and comb downward to the roots. Then, pull out the comb and begin at the middle of the shaft and backcomb it again.

-Lastly, comb the front section over the teased-out “bump” for extra lift.

Naperville Hair Salon – For women with thicker hair types, for those days when it appears to get heavier and you want to pin it up, consider braids, a high bun or side ponytails. The benefit to denser hair is that a blowout tends to last much longer. Plus, there aren’t many issues with using hair care and styling products because they won’t weigh thicker hair down in the way they might with finer hair.

Fighting the Frizz

There are a number of methods for reducing frizz: such as a new haircut, applying cool water and using quality moisturizing conditioners and shampoos that work effectively for you. (Avoid products that contain a higher alcohol content because they may dehydrate your hair and because more frizz as it “searches” for more moisture.)

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