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Your hands and feet will look terrific after a manicure and pedicure at Zano Salon & Spa. And along with the benefits to your appearance, there are a number of lasting health-related benefits to professional nail treatments too:

-Skincare. Perhaps with the exception of the face, the hands receive more exposure to weather elements and dirt particles than any other area of the body.
Consequently, grime and grit tends to accumulate throughout the day. In contrast, the feet are usually exposed only during the springtime and summer. However, walking and standing for long periods can lead to the formation of callouses and other skin issues.

A manicure at our Spa Lisle IL usually entails a thorough cleansing and exfoliation with lotions and specific care products to care for the skin. After eliminating any dirt particles and dead skin cells, it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles so your hands look smoother and refreshed.

A pedicure also involves exfoliating your skin, in addition to removing any problematic callouses or irritations on the soles of your feet. Besides making your feet much more attractive, exfoliation helps to distribute body weight more consistently. This helps to reduce risk of developing lower back and leg pain if you’ve been standing for a lengthy period.

-Circulation. Along with exfoliating, cuticle treatments and moisturizers are also massaged onto your skin as part of a professional pedicure. This massaging action is very relaxing, which naturally lowers your stress levels. But it serves to promote healthy circulation throughout your extremities as well. This is critical for pain reduction and for helping your body with the effective distribution of heat.

-Prevent infections. When your feet receive frequent exposure to moisture, it can increase the risk of a fungal infection. In many cases, it can take several weeks until a fungal infection becomes noticeable. Our professional Spa Lisle IL technicians, however, can identify fungal infections during an early stage when it is easiest to treat. Getting regularly scheduled pedicures is definitely a good way to take consistent care of your feet and toes.

Spa Lisle IL – Springtime Color Ideas for Your Toes and Tips

The weather is finally getting warmer in Chicagoland. That means soon it will be time to put away your gloves and boots and take out your sandals and open-toed footwear. Check out these suggestions for nail colors:

-Neutrals and whites. There’s no better way to help your hands appear contemporary and elegant than with white fingernails. There’s no reason for white to be dull and boring: from semi-sheet to opaque or shimmer, there are many different variations that can be flattering regardless of skin tone.

-Taupe nail polishes are an enduring choice that complement practically any outfit, handbag and makeup. Plus, in the event they start to chip, it’s not as noticeable as some other polish colors.

-Blues and greens. Consider an appealing seafoam green color this season. Comparable to mint, it’s a nail color that features attractive blue undertones to provide a fresh take on green, pale nails.

Schedule a Spa Lisle IL appointment at Zano Salon & Spa at 630-961-3363

-Melon. Coral is a persistent favorite for many women in the springtime and summer seasons. This year, though, how about a softer melon color, which tends to be a little more subtle. You can control the color even more with sheer, muted or opaque finishes.

When blues are considerably muted, the effect is a neutral appearance. An appealing pale blue nail color can go well with most anything while also helping your nails “pop”. This shade is an excellent alternative to white.

-Pastels. From delicate pink to refreshing shades of yellows and lilac, pastels are a popular selection for nail colors. If you’re looking to give your nails a noticeable new burst of color, pastels could be your solution.

A Few Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet This Summer

Wearing open-toed sandals, flip flops and going barefoot is a great way to stay comfortable during the hot months of summer. However, despite the comfort and appealing look, that kind of footwear can cause some problems for your feet.

To remedy the toll that summer footwear can take, it’s essential to schedule regular pedicures at our Spa Lisle IL. Plus, there are also a few simple steps you can take at home to take dependable care of your feet.

-Give your feet a milk bath. Sure, it sounds kind of silly, but the lactic acid that milk contains is helpful for smoothing away callouses. Fill a tub or large-size bowl equal amounts of warm water and milk. Also, you can add a drop or two of lavender oil. Soak your feet for about ten minutes in the replenishing mixture.

-Caring for your cuticles. Apply a few drops of cuticle oils onto your toenail beds, while pushing back any areas of thickening skin. Utilize an emery board in order to file your fingernails directly across to help prevent the occurrence ingrown nails. Then, round off the edges.

-Soften up your soles. Empty the bowl or tub and refill it with clean, warm water. Next, exfoliate your feet thoroughly using a coarse, quality scrub and give them a rinsing when done. Use a pumice stone or a file for removing callouses on the soles of your feet and toes.

-Add extra moisture. After you rinse away the scrub, use a moisturizing product to coat your lower legs and feet. Allow it soak in for approximately ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Tips for Dependable Nail Care – Spa Lisle IL
It can be a challenge to keep your nails strong and healthy throughout the year.
Wear and tear every day has an effect on the appearance of fingernails, along with the time necessary to keep nails at their best.

Follow these easy tips to your nails in top condition:

-Make sure to moisturize your nails. Moisturizing regularly helps to keep nails from breaking while also improving the appearance of nail beds. Also, add some lotion to the sides and top to prevent splitting and chipping. Ask your nail technicians about cuticle care products you can carry in your bag so you can apply as needed.

-Take vitamins. Consider making biotin supplements – which contain lots of vitamin B – part of your daily regimen. Bioton helps enrich and fortify nails. Available at most local pharmacies, taking just one Biotin supplement daily will help promote strong nails.

-Avoid over-washing your hands. Hand washing is certainly important and something everyone should do consistently. Washing too frequently, though, may result in waterlogging and weakening your nails. Use a hand sanitizer and remember to wear protective gloves while cleaning up at home to prevent contact with cleaning chemicals.

-Avoid using acetone-based nail polish removal products. Acetone is typically not good for nails. It tends to strip the cuticles and leave them dry and brittle.
Try using a clear nail polish to help retain moisture and to protect against the elements your nails might contact each day. – Spa Lisle IL

-Try to avoid trimming your nails too often. It can save time to use a clipper on your nails now and then, but there’s the risk you may trim them too short. This can be uncomfortable and even damage the cuticles. Instead, file your nails with a smooth filer instead of an emery board to shape and maintain your nails.

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