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Massage is a broad term for applying pressure and manipulating the body’s muscles, tendons and skin. It can range from lighter strokes to deep, penetrating pressure. Just some of the benefits to regular massage include:

-Boosts relaxation and reduces stress.
-Reduces tension, soreness and muscle pain.
-Helps improve blood circulation, alertness and energy.
-Helps lower blood pressure as well as heart rate.
-Improves the body’s immune system function.

Studies also indicate that message may offer additional benefits such as relief from:
-Digestive problems.
-Chronic headaches.
-Insomnia due to stress.
-Injuries or strain to soft tissues.
-Lower back or upper back pain.
-Nerve pains.
-Sports injury.
-TMJ pain.
-Neck pain

In addition to these many benefits to physical issue, getting a massage at a Spa Near Me Lisle IL is simply enjoyable and a great way to relax!

Despite its advantages, massage is not recommended as a replacement for medical care. Inform your doctor that you plan to try massage.

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There is no particular preparation necessary for your massage appointment at Zano Salon & Spa. Prior to the start of your session, talk with your massage therapist about any specific areas you would like to focus upon and what you are hoping to gain from the massage. The massage therapist will explain the type of techniques to be applied during your session.

Before a massage session, you’ll undress or simply wear loose, comfortable clothing. Undress to a point at which you’ll be comfortable. Generally, you’ll lie down on the massage table and cover your body with a sheet. The therapist will exit the room as you undress and get comfortable on the table. Likewise, the therapist will exit the room at the conclusion of your session while you dress.

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