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Waxing Naperville IL is basically a safe procedure for hair removal. A salon technician applies strips of wax to effectively remove hair from the root. Our beauty salons in Naperville provide waxing treatments that help our clients look and feel their best. We can apply wax treatments for your arms, legs, back, lips, underarms and eyebrows.

Waxing Naperville IL is a popular service – if you’re getting ready for bikini season or just enjoy the smoothness waxing provides, here are a few of its benefits:

-Lasting results. The results of waxing tend to last longer than the usual alternative of shaving. Instead of reaching for your razor again after a couple days, waxing can keep you smooth for up to 6 weeks.

-Regrowth slows. Perhaps the most obvious benefit to Waxing Naperville is that it significantly slows hair regrow. Shaving, however, only cuts the hair near the skin. This can leave a considerable length of hair under the surface that will appear within a few days. Waxing Naperville IL results in a very smooth skin surface without leaving stubble. Even if you experience relatively quick regrowth, you’ll typically enjoy the results of waxing for three or four weeks. In addition, once you set a schedule with our Waxing Naperville IL specialists, you’ll experience less frequent regrowth in general.

-Finer regrown hair. Waxing also affects the type of hair regrowth you will experience, too. The waxing process involves removing hair at the follicle. Consequently, when the follicle regrows the ends of the hair are finer and less like stubble.

-Waxing provides healthy results similar to exfoliation. Waxing helps remove dirt and dead skin cells that can lead to dryness and blemishes. As a result, the waxed areas are smooth, clean and radiant. However, waxing is not specifically exfoliating. We typically recommend exfoliating a few days before Waxing Naperville IL. Do not exfoliate for two days either before or after your waxing session, though, because it can leave your skin extra sensitive.

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Keep your lips healthy and attractive this summer with these helpful tips:

Healthy, attractive lips don’t simply happen in a day or two – just like other improvements to the body it takes some effort! Here are a couple valuable tips to keep your lips full and healthy:

-Exfoliate and hydrate. Regardless of how much water you consume, there’ll be occasions when your lips are too dry and flakey. This could be due to weather with low humidity levels, products that cause drying or even the natural cycles of your skin. Many women forget to apply smart skincare principles when it comes to their lips and many also forget to exfoliate.

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but drinking enough water is so essential it bears repeating. Not drinking adequate amounts of water can be adverse to your general wellness as well as your skin. Chapped lips aren’t comfortable and preventing the condition is often as basic as drinking more water. Plus, adequate water intake brings other benefits like glossier hair, healthier nails and a fitter body overall. It’s helpful to avoid applying face or body scrub to your lips and exfoliation should be limited to no more than once weekly.

-Consider purchasing a high quality lip scrub. These products are usually more moisturizing than face and body scrubs, which makes them a wise investment.

-Don’t be hesitant when it comes to heavy moisturizing for your lips. In contrast to facial skin, your lips can benefit from application of thicker products without risk of breaking out. When you apply a moisturizing lip treatment, apply the product around the edges of your mouth too. That area is usually the driest because it’s often overlooked during makeup application.

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